NOTCH: North Townsville Community Hub
In Townsville’s Northern Beaches, our local neighbourhood centre is the point of connection that binds the community together whilst promoting a real sense of community spirit.

All levels and types of connection can be found at Notch, it truly is a place for everybody.

Notch is a meeting place for everyone from our varied and exciting community groups…Notch is place for everyone.

Notch provides valuable place-based community connection via children’s playgroups, school holiday programs and local community events. Local teens are encouraged to ‘Make A Difference’ via volunteering programs and work experience opportunities.

Local support is available at Notch through our Emergency Relief program, disaster recovery hub, flood recovery programs and the Northern Beaches Mental Health Network. Food based support includes donated goods and a community kitchen.

Notch are a hub to connect people, services, information and we regularly host network meetings and visiting service providers. We also help with our conveniently located Op-Shop to service our community’s needs.

Notch Mission: To unite our community for a better future.
North Townsville Community Hub Inc. (NOTCH) are the community centre for Townsville’s Northern Beaches
Notch are a meeting place and a place of welcome for many different groups

Our friendly team aim to create a place for everybody. As the local hub of connection based in Deeragun, Townsville, Notch host visiting service providers and provide rooms for hire at discounted rates for community and social groups.

Like any good charity, Notch runs on volunteer power and are the truly local charity supporting those in need across our community. We run a variety of community-based services and programs, targeted in response to ongoing and emerging community needs.

The NOTCH team are here to help!
Contact us
North Townsville Community Hub (NOTCH)

Phone: 07 4751 6511

Mail: P.O. Box 588 Deeragun, Qld. 4818
ABN: 13 463 238 900

52 Palm Drive, Deeragun, QLD 4818.




NOTCH Connect Playgroup is funded by the Department of Social Services

NOTCH Emergency Relief Program is jointly funded by the Department of Social Services and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Townsville Flood Recovery Service is funded by the Department of Communities, Disabilitiy Services and Seniors under Category A: Far North Queensland and North Queensland Monsoon Trough funding arrangements.

NOTCH Disaster Recovery Hub is jointly funded under the Category C North Queensland Trough Flexible Grant by the Commonwealth/Queensland Disaster Recovery Funding.

NOTCH Northern Beaches Mental Health Network is an initiative funded by the Queensland Government, under the Tackling Regional Adversity through Integrated Care grant program.


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